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Dear Customer,

It is down to your preferences to decide which brand of cleaning products you’ll supply for the domestic cleaning services.
However there is an essential minimum of chemicals which should be available for our cleaners.

1. Kitchen cleaner -
Cif, Cif Cream, Cilit Bang, Flash, Method, Mr. Muscle
2. Bathroom cleaner - Cif, Cilit Bang, Flash, Mr. Muscle
3. Toilet cleaner -
Thick bleach, Harpic, Toilet Duck
4. Lime cale cleaner -
LimeLite, Viakal, Cilit Bang, the product of Tesco
5. Window cleaner -
Windolene, Mr. Muscle glass cleaner
6. Sponges
7. Cloths
8. Scourers

Click here to download the shopping list here.

Only good quality products, popular brands in this country should be used for cleaning!
We recommend the following products.
Here you’ll find a wider range of materials necessary for a high quality cleaning.
Please, click on the products to see an image!  

Kitchen cleaners
Cif, Cif Cream, Cilit Bang power cleaner degreaser, Flash kitchen cleaner, Method kitchen surface
, Mr. Muscle kitchen cleaner

Toilet cleaners
Thick bleach, Harpic, Toilet Duck, Harpic – tablets for limescale in the toilet bowl

Bathroom cleaners
Cif, Cilit Bang, Flash, Mr. Muscle

Limescale removers
LimeLite, Viakal, Cilit Bang, the product of Tesco

Oven cleaners
Cif oven cleaner, Ecover oven and hob cleaner, Mr. Muscle oven cleaner

Floor Cleaners
Cif floor cleaner, Dettol floor Cleaner, Flash multipurpose cleaner, Method floor cleaner

Wooden floor cleaners
Method, Pledge

Multi surface cleaners
Dettol, Flash

Wooden surfaces
Mr. Sheen, Pledge

Windows and glass surfaces
Windolene, Mr. Muscle glass cleaner

Mould cleaners
Dettol mould cleaner, HG mould spray

Special care
Granite and marble surfaces - Method Daily Granite Marble and Granite Surface  Cleaner
Natural stone - HG Natural Stone Kitchen Top Cleaner
Seramic hobs - Homecare Hob Brite Ceramic & Halogen Hob
Leather - HG Deep Cleaner for Leather wipes, HG Deep Cleaner for Leather
Silver - Godard RM silver polish

More cleaning materials
Microfibre Cloths
Thick moppets
Cleansing Surface Wipes


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